Gizil Enerji aims to provide cost and competitive advatages to our customers taking advantage of our systematic procurement process which set up according to the international standards.

It is one of the most important steps of the whole project life cycle to purchase the relevant products and services clearly defined as a result of engineering process at planned cost and also time schedule. Additionally to technical knowledge, it is also critical to have a large network of providers and vendors both in domestic and also international markets to gain competitive advantage. We proud to find the best products and services with the help of our project experience so far, market information and communication network including many alternative providers. Some critical steps building our procurement process:

  • Prepare technical specifications for bids
  • Market research for new alternatives in addition to our existing portfolio
  • Develop the procurement strategy
  • Review the evaluation criteria
  • Solicit competitive bids
  • Conduct site visits
  • Evaluate competitive bids
  • Bid evaluation report
  • Award a contract
  • ‘Kick off’ meeting (Meeting minutes)
  • Follow-up on the progress of the work
  • Receive the provider performance