Process & Safety

Today, companies face many challenges at the each stage of supply chains, including design, production and distribution. They are obliged to produce competitive products and services with limited budgets and resources, while adapting to numerous environmental regulations, both locally and globally. Therefore, designing efficient and reliable facilities and processes has become much more important than ever before. We design new generation facilities with our knowledge in tank farms, pipelines, dolfen (jetty) projects. In addition to this, we are collaborating with leading companies that produce technology for complex process structures such as refineries, petrochemicals and industrial plants. As a unique engineering office in Turkey, we have rich experience in process simulation, and design. We are capable to do dynamic simulation, liquid transient, and computational fluid dynamics studies for a broad spectrum of industries like Up-Stream, Mid-Stream, Down-Stream, Petrochemicals and Chemicals. We understand that each facility has unique challenges relating to design sufficiency, construction and operability and creates customized solutions for specific plant requirements.

We assess the safety of your process systems handling of hazardous substances by applying structured safety review, good design principles, and sound engineering and operating practices. Our specialized process experts can assist with project and facility safety reviews and hazardous event consequence modeling activities including Process Hazard Analysis (PHA/HAZOP) review facilitation.  Industrial facilities also require an early hazard identification process (safety reviews such as PHA, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) in order to provide hazard mitigation. We provide properly conducted and documented safety reviews, Management of Change (MOC) and safety recommendation tracking/closure.
Our experts have experience in safety review facilitation and follow-up/closure, consequence modeling, and compliance and interpretation of standards and government regulations for a wide variety of experience across various industries, customers, locations and technologies. We develop new process designs with a range of advanced process modeling services, including physical and thermodynamic properties, reaction kinetics and equipment modeling. The envisioned products range from specialized databases to models of entire flowsheets. The consulting services include process design and optimization, as well as plant troubleshooting. The value of this service is that the best possible data package will be available for process modeling, the package will be developed rapidly, the models will be well documented so that engineers will understand the range of applicability, and the database may be secured so that the proprietary information is protected. Value engineering is an area in which we excel, with an established record of success in achieving major cost benefits for our Clients while doing process design.

Services provided within this scope:

  • Process simulation, and design
  • Dynamic simulation, liquid transient, and computational fluid dynamics studies
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA/HAZOP) review facilitation
  • Safety reviews such as PHA, Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
  • Advanced process modeling services