Our country is the neighbour of some important countries where the rich hydrocarbon reserves are available, such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. Since Turkey’s strategic position, it has the opportunity to behave as a kind of bridge among producer and consumer countries in order to transport Caspian and Middle East energy sources to the world markets. It is one of the most critical strategies of Turkey to transport oil and gas produced in those regions to European markets taking advantage of its competitive position. Thus, it aims to construct relevant economic, safe and environment-friendly transport system. In this context, Turkey shows very significant progress towards becoming a transit country for more than ten years. Gizil Enerji aims to contribute to these national targets via our product portfolio and engineering capabilities in this process. Gizil Enerji has a wide range of experience in pipeline engineering including route selection, pipeline alignments, basic and detailed design for pipelines. A typical pipeline project where Gizil Enerji would deliver the complete engineering services comprises of the pipeline, pumping and compressor stations, valve and scraper stations, pressure reducing and metering stations, tank farms and tanker loading and unloading facilities.