Industry sector covering iron-steel, chemical, cement, pharma, etc. is one of the most important sectors and has a very important position in the national economy of Turkey. With this regard, many studies on roadmaps are done in order to increase competitive advantages of Turkish companies in international markets for some while. Gizil Enerji fully supports its customers in industry sector with its products, engineering and turn-key project services in this process. Industrials are facing challenges and opportunities driven by product innovation, changes in talent requirements and energy disruption. We target especially the ones which do not have the enough qualified engineering capability in the areas of mechanical, piping, electrical or instrumentation. We can be long-term solution partner of those customers who do not see strategic to keep that kind of engineering team for investment projects and they prefer to focus on their main operation field. Thus, we can fully support those customers for their new investments, extension or rehabilitatiton projects when needed. We provide end-to-end services from conceptual design to construction and commissioning activies including engineering, procurement, etc. activities throughout the whole project lifecycle.