Tank Farms

Operators of tank farms and terminals face many challenges: You need to handle highly valuable liquids safely and efficiently, you have to track capacity and turnovers, monitor quality and emissions, prevent spillages, and reduce loading and unloading times. To gain official approvals and to ensure public acceptance of operations, the processes have to be safe and clean. To ensure maximum return on investment, the equipment has to be operated at optimum load and utilization. Furthermore, to ensure a long-term competitive advantage, processes need to be flexible and expandable to accommodate new or changing requirements. Referring to these challenges, it is possible to say that tank farm is one of the most challenging sectors, requiring sector-specific know-how in similar projects. Gizil Enerji has a one-stop shopping approach to tank farms thanks to its many project experience in Tupras, Turkmenbashi and Karbala refineries in addition to Seveso project experience in more than 75 plants in Turkey. Gizil Enerji has completed Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) and also Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) more than 75 plants in Turkey in the context of Seveso II projects. In addition to these, we are the right company to answer our customers’ needs on SIL, ATEX compliance works in the model of EPC (turnkey project approach).