Refinery and Petrochemical

Major global developments such as climate change-related policies, fluctuations in oil and natural gas prices, rising demand for cleaner sources of energy, and the creation of more fuel-efficient technology, may significantly change the face of the oil and gas industry in the future. Oil consumption has the highest share of in the last 50 years in the ranking of energy consumption. This is followed by natural gas, coal, hydro, nuclear and renewable energy sources. Since the petroleum demand is high, refinery and petrochemical sector’s development are affected in a positive manner.

Gizil Enerji provides sector-specific engineering, consultancy and turn-key project services for the refineries and petrochemical plants in domestic and international markets taking the advantage of technical knowledge base and previous project experience so far. It is one of the most important targets to enrich our customer portfolio in these sectors which require technologically challenging engineering solutions. The most important competitive advantage which we have is the experience we gained in several new investment, extension and rehabilitation projects of Tupras, Turkmenbashi and Karbala refineries.