Tupras Izmir Refinery 7000 Unit Electrical Heat Tracing

Electrical heat (heat tracing) works within the scope of the 7000 Unit project at Tüpraş İzmir Refinery, which is one of our most important achievements in the field of Electric Heating (Heat Tracing), has been realized by Gizil Enerji including engineering and design. Gizil Enerji supplied the relevant products as the distributor of Raychem (Pentair). Besides, all engineering activities including EHT calculation, EHT lines processing to isometry, database configuration for NGC system, energy cables list and routing, and block diagrams for energy distribution executed by local employees of Gizil Enerji.

Location: İzmir, Türkiye
Project Duration: April, 2016 - April, 2017
Scope: Electrical
Contract Type: EP
Sector: Refinery and Petrochemical