Integrated Management System

Gizil provides engineering, consultancy, digitalization, product supply and contracting services for industrial facilities; With our Integrated Management System, which we have created in line with our vision, mission, principles and values, and covering all issues of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Information Security and Ethics and Compliance, we act in line with legal requirements, contribute to our stakeholders' trust and contribute to sustainable development, and focus on continuous improvement.

Our company is managed in processes, including engineering and design, construction testing and commissioning and Procurement processes, which are the main activities of our company. Each process is designed to achieve success by following its inputs and outputs. The integration of processes including management processes, business processes and support processes are summarized as we define as the process house. With the support of Integrated Management systems, we aim to achieve excellence in all our processes. In line with these goals, our basic principles are;

  • We determine the changing demands in time, based on the needs and expectations of the relevant party (Internal / External Context) and customer satisfaction. We guarantee the information security of all our stakeholders.
  • We provide competitive advantage thanks to our cooperation with our customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees, which form the most important parts of our system, based on the win-win principle. We work to maintain service integrity and business continuity.
  • We give the necessary importance to the development of our employees' competencies, which is the most important value we have and support them to make maximum contributions in suggestion development and decision making processes.
  • We adopt the principle of process-oriented management, we constantly review our processes, take risk-based process management as a basis, and continuously improve it.
  • We aim to achieve business excellence by making continuous improvements in all our processes. Accordingly, we conduct annual meetings, internal audits, and external audits at regular intervals.
  • We always prioritize physical, environmental, and information security in our work environment, and implement all our processes in a transparent manner.
  • We communicate clearly and clearly with our employees at all times.
  • We develop our relationships with our customers and business partners according to the long-term solution partnership model, and openly communicate and collaborate on all our processes. In our communication, we apply all of our management system requirements as a principle.
  • We carry out all our activities in accordance with national and international regulations.
  • We determine and monitor the efficiency of our processes and management systems by determining our company targets every year and organize annual meetings in this direction.
  • With the awareness of the importance of the stakeholder value of our company, we make it a principle to inform all our stakeholders through our Integrated Management Systems Policy, our continuous improvement activities, and all other necessary reports and explanations.
  • We organize training to raise awareness and inform our employees and suppliers.
  • As Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption, as Gizil Energy, we take care to ensure the transparency of the work we do on the national and international platform and to maintain the trust we create. In this direction, we organize our internal and external communication and manage our processes.

This policy aims to guide all activities related to integrated Management systems at Gizil and to support the integrated management systems processes and controls with the support of sub-documents.